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Modern Living | European Kitchen | Early 20th Century Bathroom

Modern Living

This was one of the early places we designed back in early 2018.


European-Inspired Kitchen

This kitchen is designed to be ultra sleek, funtional, efficient and to be a gathering place. It was heavily influenced by the types of kitchens in Europe. The range hood is actually from Europe. The accent piece is the gold Sputnik fixture which throws it back to Mid-Century times along with the golden sconces and antique refrigerator.


Early 20th Century Bathroom

Space limitations made remodeling the bathroom into a functional modern one a very challenging project. Nevertheless, we were able to put in a slightly above average sized shower and a large vanity into the space. The wall of tile is a gorgeous compliment to the simple and elegant surroundings. The sleek modern vanity goes very well with the gold accents and black base color in the room.