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The Bohemian Cottage

Modern Bohemian Kitchen

I love gorgeous ornate kitchens with the sconces, chandeliers, butcherblock countertops and gold hardware. I'm not as big a fan of how clunky most appliances look right next to that stuff. The idea behind this kitchen was to sort of hide that stuff by blending it in a shroud of black off to the side, while keeping it close enough to maintain an ideal kitchen "work triangle". I love the way the light shines in and hits various places, creating a dramatic, almost romantic scene. It's a compact kitchen but you really wouldn't know it by how spacious it feels, how functional it is and and how well the flow is. We wish this was our kitchen!


German Half-Timbered Great Room | Modern Bohemian Styling

Vaulted Ceilings, skylights, huge windows and beautiful adorments highlight this one of a kind spacious home. Airy ceilings and deep colored accents create a vibrant space which we love. This space has so much character and feels sort of like a destination of its own. This is another place we are thankful when we get a chance to be in it and spend some time here. Our tenants love it and we have no issues finding tenants for it. Does anyone think we could use a bit more lighting in here? Maybe a few more chandeliers... There's over 30 lights in this room alone plus the 4 skylights. The can lights and chandeliers are all on dimmer switches so you can set the mood to whatever suits you.


Modern Eclectic Bathroom

This bathroom is simple and elegant. Lots of black tile accented with gold. A large gorgeous wooden vanity and an antique style tile flooring bring a bit of Bohemian flare to it.