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Victorian Studio-Style Bedroom | Speakeasy Lounge | Modern Bathroom

Victorian Studio-Style Great Room

We are enamored by Victorian style and many of the styles common from the late 19th century until the 1920s. This room is sort of a modern take on that era. Floral patterns and wallpapers were staples of that era. So were fancy felt sofas, formed iron-bar bed frames and glitzy chandeliers.


Speakeasy Lounge

For this room, we incorporated pews from First Baptist Church in downtown Edmond to create a seating booth. The table was custom made for this project and made to add a bit of the Old West style to it. This building was built at the tail end of the Old West, in the early pioneering days of Tulsa. So bringing styles from that era back seemed like a good fit for it. The custom sconce and backsplash were styles created around that time. The sliding door and steps are reminders of the hidden nature of Speakeasy lounges during the roaring twenties.


Modern Bathroom

Space limitations made remodeling the bathroom into a functional modern one a very challenging project. Nevertheless, we were able to put in a slightly above average sized shower and a large vanity into the space. The wall of tile is a gorgeous compliment to the simple and elegant surroundings. The sleek modern vanity goes very well with the gold accents and black base color in the room.