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Victorian-Classic Bedroom | Bohemian Pueblo Lounge | Deco Bathroom | Outrun Kitchen

Victorian-Classic Style Bedroom

We are enamored by Victorian style and many of the styles common from the late 19th century until the 1920s. This room is sort of a modern take on that era. Floral patterns and wallpapers were staples of that era. So were fancy felt sofas, formed iron-bar bed frames and glitzy chandeliers.


Bohemian Pueblo Lounge

For this room, we went all out to make it look like something you'd see in Taos or Santa Fe. It also has many elements of Modern Bohemian style. It is surrounded by huge windows and has a great downtown view.


Deco Bathroom

The bathrooom takes many elements from the early 20th Century. The sleek modern vanity goes very well with the gold accents and black base color in the room. The Merola tile flooring has its roots in the early Art Deco era but was a type of feature going all the way back to the mosaic floors common in the Roman empire. That and the gorgeous marble walls help create a really timeless and elegant vibe.