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Classic Great Room | Modern Kitchen | Vaporwave Aesthetic - Modern Bathroom


We are enamored by many of the styles which were prominent from the 1920s up until Mid Century. This diningroom is sort of a modern take on that era, with bold almost mono-chromatic design with a glitzy chandelier, complimented by Mid-Century Modern "Eames" table and chairs.



We aimed to keep and compliment what was there while adding unique character. We kept the curtains, bookshelf, door and mantle and simply updated everything to freshen it up and bring it into the 21st century while also preserving the rich history. The artwork on the right which adorns and accents this room was found in the house before renovations. The wood floors were there, hidden beneath the carpet. The excellent lighting can be adjusted for any mood or event. We love how this one came out and hope you do too!


Modern "Vaporwave Aesthetic" Bathroom

In the same line of thought that says lets keep what is there and improve it, we aimed to preserve everything we could in this bathroom. The purple tile would've been an odd choice, but it was there and we wanted to keep it and compliment it. We went with an ultra-modern and ultra-functional vanity, great lighting, plenty of mirrors and a bold teal to go with it. This was in an attempt to create a "Vaporwave Aesthetic" bathroom. That was a style which was prominent in the late 1980s up until the mid 1990s and has been recently revived. The bathroom is decorated with various artwork of the same style. This bathroom certainly has a cool novel vibe to it.


Modern Bi-Chromatic Kitchen

We were able to save most of the core features of this kitchen, refurbishing the cabinets, backsplash, ceiling and trim. We upgraded it to modern standards by adding lots of dimmable lighting (including under cabinet lighting), new countertops, new light fixtures, new faucet and new appliances. The result is a highly functional and attractive modern kitchen.


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